The SABPP staff members spent the whole of July interrogating the new strategy. Every staff member voiced their appreciation and fears. The strategy does not belong to the staff members but to the registered members. Yet it is the staff members who will carry the mandate of the strategy on behalf of the registered members hence the great need for them to understand, associate and align with the new strategy.

We summarise the key comments from the staff made after they had immersed themselves in the new strategy.

  1. Elsabe Bell: MHRP

The new SABPP Strategy is very exciting for me as a member as well as an Interim staff member of the SABPP. I feel that this strategy can potentially change the HR profession for ever.  It will not be an easy and comfortable journey, but it is an important and exciting journey for HR. We honestly need this change! My plea to each HR practitioner out there is to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to stop hiding behind transactional HR work that can be automated in a blink. Get engaged, jump onto the people factor strategy plane and the sky will be the limit.


  1. Maphutha Diaz: MHRP

The updated strategy emphasises HR as a missing link to facilitate and migrate people through the myriad of technology developments and the digital economy we find ourselves in today. HR has to take the leadership in this through its expertise. In relation to my role at the SABPP, the strategy provides a solid framework for the business plan.

I am positive that the strategy will propel HR in the right direction over the next decade and will also position HR as a profession even more strategically in boardrooms.

HR must become even more strategic business partners as change champions, employee champions and HR strategists.  For more details on this, see the article elsewhere in this newsletter.

The updated strategy will go a long way in instilling confidence in the eyes of the public regarding the role of HR in next decade. I think the general public will appreciate the role of HR even more from their previous perception that HR are payroll and leave guys and nothing more.

  1. Naren Vassan: HRA

This new strategy gives me the feeling that we are applying and moving with technology as an enabler in managing various processes such quality assurance, electronic certification, moving from paper to e-folder (Drop-Box, WeTransfer, email attachment) for verification of records and information. The main elements for governance, ethics, professionalism and competence are being applied when dealing all matters at SABPP.

SABPP is positioning learning aids, research reports, webinars, surveys on digital platforms which will allow access 24/7 wherever and whenever by various stakeholders.

For HR to be critical role players in meetings and as a business partner, we must not only understand the business, but also prepare organisations for the future by promoting technology as a means to provide professional services across the HR function, resulting in reducing overall costs to the organisation.

  1. Kgomotso Mopalami: HRP

It’s a new dawn for the SABPP, and not only the Professional Body itself, but for the entire profession. SABPP has gone through a paradigm shift; from HR VOICE strategy to the People Factor Strategy. HR must not be lost somewhere in dreams about the future but must take human capital management boldly into the future. Yes, it might be true that robots will replace humans for many jobs, but humans are still needed to create and deliver value in innovating new models for business.  This is exactly what the new strategy is focused on.

HR can only be a respected profession by positioning itself in the digital era, being on-line and in touch and championing ethical governance.

The future world of work needs to benefit many and not only the elite few, so, as technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and the internet of things impact on the workplace, the role of human resource professionals will become more pronounced and critical.

It will not be business as usual for the SABPP! It must find new ways of doing things to optimise its impact on the profession.

  1. Zanele Ndiweni

After seven years of a successful HR Voice Strategy, SABPP is implementing a new strategy called The People Factor Strategy, which needs to take SABPP through the next ten years. The previous strategy was about building the voice of the HR profession, this time the focus is on the PEOPLE in the Future Workplace. It is about the leadership and HR teams creating future ready employees to achieve competitive advantage in a transformed working environment. Everyone will be affected by this transition. Plans and measures on how to upskill and retrain employees to suit what the economy needs are needed.

To do this, HR is will have to make the full transition to a digital platform driving HR and business service delivery with speed, accuracy and quality. HR practitioners need to be proactive. The HR community should look forward to working together with SABPP in adjusting to the new Future world of work.


  1. Ronel Coetzee: HRP

The new strategy of the SABPP is to position the HR profession in the Digital Era ensuring excellence and keeping in touch. Promoting HR and partnering with other disciplines across the profession to lead people practices and ensure Ethically-centred Governance.

I am excited as a professional member of the SABPP and as a SABPP employee to implement and be a part of this new journey. It is however difficult to predict precisely what will happen throughout this period of transition as we don’t know what we don’t know. Change is exciting and the public can look forward to positive change in HR practices. The SABPP has included being environmentally sensitive in the new strategy. This is very exciting for me personally as I am an advocate of ensuring that we keep our planet ‘healthy’. If all of us are conscientious about our footprint, we can make a drastic change.


  1. Siphiwe Mashoene

4IR has taken the whole world by storm! To some HR Professionals, this phenomenon is still perceived as “new”, but the truth is, it has been in existence for half a decade now. The exciting thing about 4IR is that it will make the workforce more productive new ways of doing things are introduced.

The SABPP understands that it cannot be business as usual as the 4IR presents new challenges and opportunities for HR. In our quest to make HR the most respected profession in the workplace, we have developed a new strategy that is responsive to the new world of work – The PEOPLE Factor strategy.

To HR professionals in both private and public sectors, the new strategy means that we need a paradigm shift in the way we do things. We need to learn from past mistakes where HR was too operational – where other organisational functions perceived HR as a hiring and firing function. HR needs to leverage on the new opportunities that the 4IR is bringing to the table. Our new role as HR is leading people forward based on predictive analytics, and leading organisations with ethically centred governance

As we talk about industry 4.0, we should also start thinking about industry 5.0 which HR should spearhead!

  1. Lindiwe Nombaca

It is an honour to be part of this exciting strategy that will bring change to the HR profession into the future.  The People Factor strategy means that the SABPP will aim to embrace an internal culture of big-data technologies in order to continuously learn and improve its products and services.

The online user experience of the SABPP’s website will be more interactive and offer a personalised experienced. A worldwide partnering model means that the SABPP will retain and enrich its alliances.

Since we know that good governance is key to every organisation, the new strategy mandates members to be champions for governance in their organisations, using the King IV guidance.

I feel that SABPP is showing commitment in providing services that are world-class and guided by the six thrusts of the ‘People’ Factor Strategy.

  1. Malebo Maholo: HRA

The new People Factor strategy embraces technological advancement, but it is also still about the critically important human dignity and takes into consideration our responsibility to protect the environment. 4IR is about technology, but in South Africa there remain many gaps which we must focus on to ensure a smooth transition. This is what the People Factor strategy is about.

The People Factor strategy marks a new dawn of change for SABPP. SABPP continues to stabilise itself on its core values and pillars that have aided the organisation to grow from strength to strength for over 30 years.

The People Factor will create a platform to explore innovative ways to adapt and reskill through the core SABPP products and services which were designed and developed to cater to the needs of the HR practitioners. This is an exciting time indeed for the SABPP as it positions itself to steer the HR community in the right direction, ensuring that no one gets left behind.

  1. Nontokozo Masondo

Out with the old, in with the new! That is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of The PEOPLE Strategy and the 4th Industrial Revolution movement. The Future World of Work is exciting! It speaks to a generation that is ready for a transformed working environment and is flexible to accept any challenge thrown to them.

The PEOPLE Strategy speaks to change and reinventing HR processes, it aims at minimising administration, process driven tasks and duties, while focusing on the digital era and reskilling employees to make this envisioned workplace a reality.

It is vital for all employers to guide and encourage staff members to develop themselves so that they are ready for the future place of work. This will also shift the traditional expectancy of full time 9-5 jobs to output driven projects.

Change is not comfortable, but it is essential for growth and reaching new avenues, for anything to mature and move from one place to another, a transformative approach is necessary, and this will lead to personal growth for HR practititoners and the profession at large.

  1. Boipelo Molelengoane: HRC

What is a new strategy? Is it a new way of life? Is it a new way of thinking? Is it a new way of doing? Perhaps it is a new way of believing. Believing in what you want to achieve and where you wish to see yourself.

But there are many differences between a manager’s and an employee’s view of a new strategy. Why is this? This is because change is never easy, nor do the people it affects always think it’s good.

Now how do we do deal with this? By communicating.  For me, for us, the new strategy means change. Not in literal sense that you know it, but adaptive change. It’s nothing new, it’s something that we are used to, all we have to do is to adapt to it. Use of technology has become so vital to our daily personal lives, so why is it creating fear in the workplace? Is it for fear of replacement? There is no revolution that can take away the people, we are for the people, and we are the people. “But you are a chosen people”.

Professionalizing the HR Profession is something we are passionate about at SABPP. And the new strategy is about exactly that, restoring the credibility of HR.

Our role is but simple, to set the standard and to lead, in excellence and evidence, by partnering with you, by being there – online, in touch, digitally and ethically.

  1. Sarie Venter

The new strategy (The PEOPLE Factor) is positive in all aspects. As we get older there are constant technological changes, and for that reason the work environment needs to prepare themselves for change.

The new strategy was developed to take the HR Profession next level, to prepare for the next generation for the new world. It is our responsibility that we learn new things and change our mindset to focus on the future of technology. We cannot be stagnated, if we do not prepare to change, we will be left behind while others move on.

It would be interesting to see what new products and ideas will be initiated during the period of the new strategy. To take the HR Profession to the next level, it is important that we become effective as any other profession in this new World of Work that is far approaching.

I look forward in working at SABPP to see what new products and ideas will be initiated and when it becomes recognised as the best HR Professional Body. It is a new era and it is time (ke nako!).


  1. Tebogo Mahesu: HRA

Change is inevitable.  I believe that our new People Factor strategy is key to our business success. I am sincerely enthusiastic and confident about our strategy.  We are here to enhance the relationship between people, organisations and technology so that all stakeholders benefit from this transformation.

The new strategy will create organizational discomfort for us as SABPP staff implementing new procedures and services We will continue being advocates for the HR profession, and we will support HR practitioners to continuously learn and adapt to the changes 4IR is bringing.  And we will continue giving back to the communities as it is our social responsibility and the HR fraternity is here to impact people’s lives.


  1. Bongi Ndaba

The PEOPLE Factor Strategy correlates with the 4th Industrial Revolution. We at the SABPP are looking at digitalising products and services and finding new operational procedures. Furthermore, while finding our way with the 4IR we will continue to drive ethical work and excellence and explore new products and services for members

Change in culture, structure, technologies and operational methods are taking place. Therefore, reskilling and skills development is key to achieve the best balance between man and machine. Employees need to adapt to change. The question is: Are we ready for this change to the 4th Industrial Revolution?

With the direction the SABPP is taking, I must say that I am proud to be an employee of SABPP. The new strategy is filled with possibilities.


  1. Ceanne Schultz

The PEOPLE Factor strategy could not have come at a better time. The overall strategy speaks about PEOPLE and how human and machines can come together

The new strategy is much more comprehensive than the HR voice Strategy, and requires us to adapt as the strategy is more digitally focused. I believe with the strategy in place, it allows for individuals to grow and learn a new way of working and thinking. We will also be able to keep up with all the digital changes and advances in our environment. We will not only work more efficiently but work smarter too.

The PEOPLE Factor Strategy encourages us to protect our environment and remain mindful of practising ethically. Overall, the strategy allows for us to learn more and adapt as many of our roles may change, and the change will allow for many of us to excel in different areas

The PEOPLE Strategy will allow for us to have a quicker response time, by being able to deliver services faster, this will therefore increase productivity.

I am excited to be part of the new Strategy at SABPP as great change is coming, this allows for us to be creative, excel, adapt and contribute to the success of SABPP.


  1. Tshegofatso Rasego

The initial strategy was for the HR profession to be heard across the country and it has been successful. Top-management level and other sources within the HR industry have predicted what could possibly happen in the coming years and this is where the “PEOPLE” factor strategy features. During the change and disruption, organisations need to understand external causes of change and trends so that they position themselves for new ideas that can grow future revenues.

Growth is inevitable but it is still the people that will make the difference, and spark ideas into life.

Members should look forward in playing their role and participating in activities that will enhance their profession in the future. With new developments, SABPP will be going digital and so you will no longer have to sit long hours in training, workshops and any other meeting will be. A great journey starts now so let’s fasten our seatbelts and start moving.

  1. Tshepiso Makgotlwe

My understanding is that the SABPP strategy will be people based. This means it will concentrate on finding ways in which people can remain relevant in the 4IR, how Technology (Robotics) and Humans can co-exist and work together.

I feel excited about the new strategy it still focuses on the critical fundamentals that SABPP stands for, while launching a footprint in the digital space.

The HR Profession need to look forward to changing how things have always been done, but governance and standards will remain the same.,

The public should expect more of the HR footprint in the digital space and in the community. HR will no longer be just exclusive only to the HR practitioners, instead the HR profession will be more interactive with other industries and stakeholders to assure that people are not left behind while we move forward in the new era for the workforce.

  1. Thulani Ndwandwe

A strategy is something which makes a difference to the long-term performance of an organisation. It gives an organisation a direction and expresses what it wants to achieve going forward as an organisation, it must strengthen the pillars of the organisation.

What does the new people strategy mean to SABPP? It Identifies the needs of clients and helps the organisation to be ready for change.

The three legs of the pots symbolise how balanced our strategy is. Because of the strategy we have, I see a bright future for the SABPP.


  1. Patience Mazet Buthelezi

For an organisation to succeed and maintain its competitive advantage it needs to be agile. With the fourth industrial revolution on us, and the 5th approaching swiftly, we need to have a strategy that speaks to the changes happening around us. A strategy that does not only protect its people but also looks at new possibilities for its people. We need a strategy that speaks to the needs of the changing world, and that strategy is, The “People” factor.

This strategy couldn’t have come at a better time. This is the time for change. This is the time where man and machine come together to produce better results, a time where people are equipped with the right tools to better perform their tasks. A time where client experience improves for the better.

I believe that there will be job creations rather than retrenchments. That our strategy speaks to the development of our talent pool which will in turn produce better results for our clients.  This strategy will enable us to be proactive rather than reactive. It allows us to guide, govern and encourage change as the change agents.  With this strategy I foresee a transformed HR body that encourages people engagement and better utilization of our people better. A strategy that enables us to work smarter and not harder, while protecting our environment. A strategy that is technologically aligned to our processes and procedure, that is human centred and still maintains financial stability for our members. A strategy that embraces change.

With the new strategy we have more power and responsibility!