Sharing some of the 2019 staff Personal Successes

Bongekile Ndaba

2019 has been a successful year for the HR Standards Department, as we have introduced new courses/ training such as Strategic HR Business Partner and Risk Management for HR Professionals. These trainings showed a big demand from HR Practitioners as we had a number of delegates attending these courses and organisations showed much interest to have their HR Teams trained inhouse, not only in Gauteng but also in other provinces.

The future looks bright for the HR Standards Department,

Hashtag 2020 here we come for more successful endeavours!


Boipelo Molelengoane

My biggest success for this year has been gaining more mental strength. Most of us know how consuming and demanding the working environment can be. Now sometimes you are not even aware how much of yourself you are not allowing to be until your body forces you to be.

In other cases, the mental fight happens internally amongst colleagues, and I am happy to have seen the year end without breaking a window or a glass or even myself. Mental maturity isn’t reached overnight, it is also built by that which trials you. So, kudos to every situation, most importantly, kudos to me for ‘not losing it’.

The other notable success will be my promotion from HR Intern to LQA Officer 😊😊😊

Thank you to everyone that made the transition easier for me, but most importantly to my Manager Ronel. Your support has been commendable and appreciated.


Ceanne Schultz

2019 has been a year of success for me, not only my career but my personal development as well. I have encountered great support from SABPP by allowing me to be exposed to so much more and taking on greater tasks.

I took the decision to continue with my studies at the IMM Graduate School to equip and educate myself even further.

This year I have learnt more, done more and have been exposed more. I have met individuals from all sectors and had great opportunities to network.

I have persevered in other aspects of my life, not only professionally but personally as well. One of the greatest highlights is having to get married and start this new journey.

My successes would not mean anything without the support of those around me. Thank you to the SABPP team and my family for making 2019 a year to remember.


Kgomotso Mopalami

Let me take this moment to traverse on the notion of success.

As living beings, we plan, we set goals, we live for purpose, we aim to succeed; either way you say it. We have personal accolades which we define differently. it might be an achievement of something, such as obtaining a degree, earning more money, travelling abroad, etc.  However, it depends on an individual on how you perceive your life journey. People set goals with a clear purpose: to achieve/win!  This means, people plan to succeed but not to fail.

Whilst we aim for success, some might feel that lack of it thereof, denotes failure.  It is thus imperative that at the end of it there must be a reflection of the journey. Some will see failure, some success, others will see it as a learning curve; it all depends on how an individual person perceives it.  Although Collins dictionary defines success as “the achievement of something that you have been trying to do”, it is only fair to attest that how we define success, depends on each individual person. Some will say I did it but “the road was not easy”, others might say “ I tried but I failed” , whilst the other person might say “I have learnt a lesson”, I can only do it differently next time” and sadly, some might say “I give up”! Like I said, you are the only one to define success!

Let us therefore celebrate life, learn to appreciate even little things; and those things which we aimed at achieving but could not, to take them as some life lessons that can help us to become better persons.

Well said by Albert Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”!!!!

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” George Sheehan.

From myself, Kgomotso Mopalami, I wish everyone of you well, happy and safe festive season and may 2020 be a year where you say “I am bold and courageous, a man or woman of valor; I am determined; and therefore, I AM SUCCESSFUL!!!

God bless!


Lindiwe Nombaca

The year 2018 was a very sad year and that I will not forget. It triggered me to look forward to 2019. Twenty nineteen was the year of new beginnings, I started appreciating life and lived my life to the fullest since the future is not guaranteed. I spread my wings to ensure that five years from now I will not be disappointed by the things that I didn’t do than by the ones I did.

My biggest thing that I learnt this year, is to keep challenging myself and move out of my comfort zone. I now see life as almost like one long University education — everyday I’m learning something new and I’m loving it.

I’m grateful to GOD that he gave me growth in every breath of my womanhood, my mothering, my career and my dreams. As we all know having so many hats can be difficult, yet with great rewards.

I know I still have a lot to change and learn, but I am grateful for everything that transpired and looking forward to the year #2020


Malebo Maholo

A year of favour is what 2019 has been for a young girl who has always been a dreamer, who is a believer and who undeniably delivers no matter the circumstances. I knew when I chose Human Resource as a profession that it was more than just a calling to me, it was a purposeful purpose. This was a year of plenty of blessings.

It took just one person to spot me among so many other young hopefuls, to nominate me on such a big platform. Dr Michael Glensor thank you for your support and for continuously believing in me, for looking at me as more than just an administrator. To be nominated and selected as a finalist at the 2019 National Rising Star Awards amongst seasoned senior HR professionals, HR Directors and Executive under the age of 40, was such an honour.

If that was enough to go by, my very own organisation that I so diligently worked for, recognised my work ethic and professionalism at the 2019 SABPP Annual HR Standards and Audit Awards. Being a recipient of the CEO Special Recognition award, really touch my heart. After 5 solid years of commitment and hard work at the SABPP, life couldn’t have been better. I live to work tirelessly to serve HR professionals to the end, that has always been my priority.

2019 has been a year where I can prove that my bountiful God has thought of everything, and that timing is all there is to unlock the secret treasures of the heart. Where purpose is set, commitment follows, diligence and persistence push you to where blessings will overflow.


Monique Kleinhans

In September 2019 I joined the wonderful team of SABPP as a Receptionist. In my short time with SABPP I have already learned so much and not just about the work and value that is SABPP but with teamwork and the way everyone supports one another. Being part of SABPP is one of the main Highlights of my year. I have enjoyed the new adventure and it has been a life changing experience.

I have great opportunity to be part of the new “People Strategy” and look forward to accomplishing many things with SABPP.

I am very excited about the journey ahead with SABPP.


Naren Vassan

  1. Opportunity to work with Service Seta towards designing new occupational qualification.
  2. Meeting external stakeholders and speakers sharing best practices on quality assurance practices, processes and procedures.
  3. Reading of articles and publication to improve my skills, behaviour and share it with my team and family.
  4. Write articles for SABPP – Fact Sheet and newsletter.
  5. Think out of the box to raise funds and work on projects that help society and community.


Nontokozo Masondo

2019 has been a year full of lessons for me within the professional space. There might not have been much transition regarding roles or departments, however I have gathered and developed a number of skills pertaining to self-management for which I believe will be a great ability in future for people management. Management of self comes with a number of workload management techniques that ensure that all deadlines are met within the specified timeframes and prioritizing tasks accordingly.

Having shared information regarding my own role with fellow staff members, I have also come to a realization that I am capable of transferring knowledge to others clearly and effectively. This has opened my eyes to a number of possibilities for development within the knowledge sharing space; i.e. training and development.


Patience Buthelezi

The “Mother Body” as referred to by the SABPP students has been so great to me. My journey with SABPP started when I was still at the University of Johannesburg studying towards my degree. It groomed me through its student chapter initiative, and it opened so many doors for me.

In 2019, I got my first job as an HR intern at the SA Board for People Practices.  It is also a year I wore my first mortarboard and celebrated my first qualification. It was shortly after being appointed as an HR Intern and Student Officer that I was welcomed to the SABPP Family on a full-time contract. I got a promotion as an HR Officer!! What more could I have asked for in such a short period of time?

As I count my blessings for the year, I also give thanks to the mother body for all the exposure, life lessons as well as career opportunities I have been exposed to. I would also like to thank everyone that contributed to my 2019 successes and I pray God Blesses all of them abundantly!!!

Paulina Chabalala

The year was indeed wonderful relief. I have personally grown and progressed with my career this year. I started assisting as a Receptionist by answering calls and directing them to relevant department which is major progress and achievement for me. I also welcome guests a reception. I have learned to be professional in the way I speak to clients, as I am the first one to welcome our visitors at SABPP. This has improved my customer interaction.

In my current role, I have become more proactive and accountable about my cleaning duties. I am able to check stock of groceries and cleaning material and products.

In 2019 I have learned a lot so that I can improve and deliver good service to SABPP staff and clients. I look forward to opportunities of growth in 2020.


Ronel Coetzee

This year I got married to the most intelligent, caring, interesting, strong, patient, fun and attractive individual in the universe. Our private function of 20 of our favourite people was even more special. This amazingness was followed by a breathtakingly beautiful holiday filled with sun, sand, dives and relaxation. Apart from this, I also managed, for the first time in my life, to sew a dress from scratch, this is a success as I am able to wear the dress, not only at home…but to work. A new skill that I did not know I had the patience to pull off successfully. 😊


Sarie Venter

Worked at Reception from March 2019 to September 2019. During this period, I learned to be calm, patient and listen to customers’ requests and complains. For me this was very important as I needed to take a step back learn and give customer service to the public and internal staff members.

I learned how to generate CPD certificates for learners from different training providers and assisted the LQA department in generating CPD certificates.

  • Assisted the HR Standards department with CPD certificates for HR Standards & HR Business Partner public and inhouse workshops.
  • Assisted the Marketing department with events and exhibitions.
  • Attended the Ethics training.
  • Bought a new car.


Sellina Tshaba

I remember when SABPP came to VUT in 2015, I was doing my first year, it feels like not so long ago. I remember that so well because SABPP gave me an assurance that I made the right choice by pursuing HR as a career. Realising I was not the only one as most of us contacted a guide into becoming the best versions of ourselves, being more informed, prepared and relevant.

I knew I had to become a member of the SABPP and had not looked back since. When I graduated for my B-Tech in HRD 2019 with cum-laude it all reflected my dedication and the passion I have for this field. It’s an honour to become a member of the SABPP family. The journey has been more than enlightening as a Registration Officer, to engage with members and SABPP staff is insightful.

All I can say is “look at God”.


Siphiwe Mashoene

My return at SABPP came with a blessing in human form. I was blessed with a baby girl named Makungu ya Hosi (God’s plans). I have received tremendous support from my colleagues during my maternity leave. It felt good to know that we do not only preach HR standards, but live them!

Working for an organisation that encourages you to move outside your comfort zone has helped me a lot – particularly in 2019! I have been privileged to run projects that I’m not comfortable with and in the process gained more knowledge. I have worked with national and provincial committees on several projects that gave me great exposure to HR practices. I look forward to a fruitful and more knowledge-packed 2020.

Tebogo Mahesu

I am honoured to have obtained my Baccalaureus Technologia, this is a huge accomplishment. Further to advance myself I have enrolled for a Bachelor of Business Administration honours degree currently.

Training our newly appointed Membership registration Officer Sellina Tshaba and working with her to transfer and share certain areas of my knowledge and skills in preparing her to fit and perform her current roles. It has been a great exposure for my development and learning as well as for her.

I am delighted to continue serving our HR professional fraternity across the globe for affiliating and enquiring about the SABPP. Engaging with other HR professionals at HR events has assisted me to grow professionally.


Thulani Ndwandwe

Being part of SABPP means a lot to me. SABPP is very good when it comes to grooming an employee’s career. My life has changed a lot when I look back where I come from. Now I know how to handle difficult situations. Receiving new registration members on our department is a great achievement for me. Welcoming a new handsome boy to the family was a great thing after we lost our brother a few weeks ago. God is great he knows how to heal those open wounds and Brocken hearts.


Tshegofatso Rasego

Life is a journey!! Through the challenges that our country is facing I was able to break into the work environment which I daily embrace. One of my 2019 successes was to join the HR space whereby I was exposed to stimulating, excited professionals that are passionate about HR. As we transition to the new revolution, the people strategy is people-centric and that has inspired me. As a retention officer I will stand to that and support my members in taking HR to the next level. I am honoured to be part of this great team!!!


Tshepiso Makgotlwe

Joining SABPP as a Finance clerk is one of my biggest highlights of the year as it has opened a whole new industry to me. It has allowed me to learn about the HR industry, to see that there is more to HR than Recruiting.

Being able to contribute to the planning of the strategy of SABPP is one of many highlights, as it has made me realize that indeed there are still organisations that still value the voice and thoughts of their employees. I am fortunate to be part of such an organisation.

My numeracy and analysing skills have seen a drastic improvement, which I believe from here it will lead to other aspects of my work improving.

Grateful to have been able to attend the Summit as it allowed me the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about the 4th Industry Revolution .The information I have learnt has inspired me to work on myself and skills I possess in order to be ready for the changes that are currently taking place in the place of work.


Zanele Ndiweni

2019 has been a challenging and fruitful journey both personal and in business.

In January 2019 the SABPP Board of members introduced Board Exams to all newly registering members. Most of our members welcomed the new process while a few were not happy. I would ensure that I personally call the members who were not happy to encourage and make them understand the importance of these exams. Then, they would finally agree to write.

I also managed to meet and do company presentations on my own. The 2020 increases were prepared and approved on time and invoices were issued 2 months before the new year. Nearly all the departments targets were met.

I registered to further my studies and have been accepted to finalise my Honours. I look forward to the new year and hope that it will bring the best.