The People Factor

This month we officially launch our renamed and rebranded newsletter on a new platform. For the past six years we have called our magazine HR Voice in line with our strategy the HR Voice. As we now officially adopt the new strategy called The People Factor Strategy 2030, it only makes sense that the official newsletter reflects this move. The new strategy is so important that we are featuring it again elsewhere in this magazine with an updated model.

There is no better month to launch this newsletter than in Women’s month. We pay tribute to all the women linked to the profession directly and indirectly. The launch coincides with the release of the 9th SABPP Women’s report looking at women and politics. Did you know that more than 60% of our SABPP members are female?

A special thank you to the designers and publishers of HR Voice for the last six years, Bcore. We pay tribute to everyone who made the HR Voice a success. This includes the Board and staff as well as the committees and contributors. However, it goes further to include you the loyal member and reader. For we could not write without a receptive audience. Here is hoping that this great relationship will continue maturing in our next phase.

This is not just a name change. The new newsletter reflects the maturing of the 4th industrial revolution. The new magazine will deal with topics emphasising that machines and technology can only be ignored at one‘s peril, but it will, however, assert the ever-critical role of humans. Machines cannot rule the world. Machines are there to make life easy and convenient for people and to enable us to do things we have never dreamed of. Hence at the centre of the 4th Industrial revolution, or indeed any other revolution there was or is to come, must be People.

Throughout the life of this newsletter we shall endeavour to position humans exactly where they belong. We shall promote the collaboration of machines and humans. We shall however not be too carried away by technology at the expense of leaving our people behind.

We still call upon all of you to contribute practical articles that will continue to put our profession at the centre of the revolution and in turn help organisations succeed wherever the future may take us.

Please continue reading. The platform for the new newsletter will enable us to know exactly which articles are popular. It will also help us sell the advertising space correctly through being able to understand the traffic.

Our new strategy talks about four sights – hindsight, insight, foresight and oversight. Starting with hindsight, our key activities and events in July included:

SABPP continued interacting with you, our members, in several ways including, but not limited to, the following:

  • 1st presentation on the new strategy: Department of Public Works
  • NWU 3rd Human Capital Summit in Mahikeng
  • Ethics sessions
  • Business Partnering Course
  • Training provider monitoring continued
  • Training Provider’s Forum
  • Mentoring Committee
  • HR Standards training continued
  • Engagement with the following companies or partners
    • BPESA
    • GDOH
    • Pioneer Foods
    • South African National Blood Services
    • EEDT
    • SALGA: Final signing of the memorandum of agreement
    • Public Service Commission
  • A number of committees met this month including HRRI, HR citizenry and change management
  • Perhaps the most meaningful engagement for me was taking two of our staff members, Tebogo Mahesu and Nontokozo Masondo, for lunch as a thank you gesture after they received positive feedback about their service to you. Once again, thank you ladies for flying the SABPP flag high. To you, our members, please keep sharing your client experience with us by emailing Lindiwe in my office on;
  • Speaking of staff matters, I am delighted and proud to announce to you that our staff member, Malebo Maholo, is a Rising Star finalist. We are excited and are holding thumbs. The announcement gala dinner is today, 1st of August. SABPP has booked a table and we will be all out to support her.

Moving on to foresight, August is set to be a very busy month for us at SABPP. However, no matter how busy we are, we will still make time to meet or visit your company if you invite us.

Key activities and events planned include:

  • 1st August: Release of the first edition of the The People Factor newsletter;
  • 1st August: Release of the 9th edition of the SABPP Women’s Report 2019;
  • 1st August: Rising Star Gala dinner;
  • 7-8 August: SAHRUF 2019 session CPUT;
  • 9th of August: Release of the Women’s report on social media;
  • 12th of August: Board Exco;
  • 23rd of August: 1st meeting of the new SABPP Risk and Audit Committee
  • 20th to 22nd August: SABPP National Summit (7th HR Standards Summit and Awards);
  • 26th August: Board meeting.

In August we will continue with our normal workshops. See elsewhere for the forthcoming events.

Please enjoy reading the newsletter and consider contributing by writing articles.

Until next month, keep promoting the PEOPLE factor.

Xolani Mawande: MHRP