View from the Top!

This month we start a new initiative of recognising new members who are registered as MHRPs as well as existing members who upgrade to MHRP. MHRP is the highest level of professional registration at SABPP. It signifies that the incumbent has arrived. However, it also means that once you are at the top you have a responsibility of looking down not just for the view but to help others come up.

There are many reasons why we are showcasing our members, but I will restrict to the below two reasons.

  1. Networking opportunities. You get to know members at the top echelon and see opportunities of networking and collaboration.
  2. Motivation. The idea here is to ensure that young and upcoming professionals may find role models and heroes to learn from having seen that it is possible.

This month we kick off with two recently registered MHRPs. We welcome them to the official SABPP community and to the highest level of registration. Should you like to be connected to any of them please contact

A. Dr John Motsamai Modise Provincial Head of Training, SAPS

  • Modise’s career began in 1993 in the South African Defenceforce and in 1995, he was appointed as a police officer.
  • Currently a Provincial Head Training and development in the SAPS.
  • He has been in various environments in the police: operational- crime prevention, unit commander and station commissioner.
  • He has acquired three master’s degrees in policing, management, and education management.
  • He has two PhD degrees in philosophy-public administration and education management.
  • His key aims are constructing opportunities of advancement for all employees working under his command.

B. Mr Romeo Adams Secretary: Western Cape

  • Romeo Adams has been a career public servant and has been employed in government departments at national and provincial levels; in public entities and the legislative sector; currently being employed as the Secretary to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.
  • He is currently working towards the completion of a PhD degree in the field of human resources, focussing on the link between the management of competencies of Senior Managers within government and service delivery.
  • He is currently a member of various governing structures (or their sub committees) of both public, private and community entities.
  • Two of the core values he strives to demonstrate continuously in his personal and work life are Respect and Trustworthiness.

Should you want to be profiled or know someone who needs to be profiled, please contact us at until next time ‘enjoy the view’ because you deserve it.